Italy, 2021, 56 min
Luca was a great athlete and now is a highly appreciated coach. He is a man of steadfast moral principles and every day he faces his track. Among his pupils there is Melaku, an Ethiopian boy with a lot of talent but who unfortunately cannot get great results in the race, perhaps because in his mind he still hopes to find the brothers left in Ethiopia. Melaku is preparing for a very important race, the 3000 hedges at the Italian athletics championships. Among her pupils there is also Majidae, a Japanese girl who lives and works in Florence, for her the race is like life and the ultra marathon is an integral part of her way of being. She is also preparing for an important race. Then there is Alessia, a great friend of Luca, is an athlete of the Italian Army Sports Group, is going through a very difficult period because due to a physical problem has had to undergo many operations and with difficulty is trying to return to the races. Melaku, Majidae and Alessia have their point of reference in Luca to go forward in sport as in life, each of them going their own track.
Genre: Documentary
Year: 2021
Director: Alessandro Minestrini

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