Diane (Vahina Giocante) has turned her back on life as a streetwalker and is working towards a new career as an Arabic translator. However, when Diane does poorly on an important exam, she’s approached by Alex (Gerard Lanvin), a French intelligence operative, who wants her to become an undercover agent. Once in the field, Diane is soon chasing the minions of terrorist leader Al-Barad (Simon Abkarian) after two fellow agents (Medhi Nebbou and Rachida Brakni) are unable to get to the bottom of a plot to smuggle a powerful bomb into France. Meanwhile, Pierre (Nicolas Duvauchelle) is a dope dealer who is suspected of having ties to terrorists; when he’s thrown in jail, he’s treated with such brutality that he turns against the French government and begins working with a violent band of Muslim extremists.
Genre: Thriller
Year: 2010
Director: Philippe Haïm
Cast: Gérard Lanvin, Vahina Giocante, Nicolas Duvauchelle

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