Italy, 80 min, 2017
An evening in the life of Lisa and Gilles, a couple who has been married for fifteen years. Gilles has been in an accident, and cannot remember anything. Lisa tries to bring back her husband’s memory. She tells him about who he was, how he behaved, what he did, she brings back memories of the days they spent together. In her attempts to restore his memory, she idealises him, makes him an embodiment of her desires and yearnings, she creates him anew. Gilles listens carefully. He does not admit that his amnesia is gone. Now he begins a game. Pretending not to remember, he wants to find out the truth about Lisa. They both lie. They both play. They deceive each other in order to revive their marriage after so many years.

Based on the play “Petits Crimes Conjugaux of Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt
Genre: Drama
Year: 2016
Director: Alex Infascelli
Cast: Sergio Castellitto, Margherita Buy

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