A documentary that tells real, brave and extraordinary stories of families in the search to improve the health and quality of life of their sons and daughters, avoiding endless adversities, prejudices and critical views, however these obstacles will not stop them… The rediscovery of the scientific and medicinal use of this ancient plant has set its eyes on this elixir that today is the hope and joy of many children and their families. Despite stigmatization, misinformation and criminalization, they have fought and will continue to do so until they achieve the regulation they need to be able to safely and fearlessly grow their children’s medicine. Mother Plant invites us to reflect about this, through a choral work by the filmmakers Lisandro Costa, Alejandro Espolsino and Francisco López. This research of little more than four years takes us into testimonies of families that grow Cannabis for medicinal use, in addition to inform about clinical advances and the development of scientific research on the therapeutic use of cannabis. That is, to encourage medical education in order to decriminalize nature and benefit the main actors on the subject: patients.
Genre: Documentary Year: 2020 Director: Lisandro Costa, Francisco López, Alejandro Espolsino

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