Throughout the 60s and 70s, Italian beaches were crowded of young girls coming from central and northern Europe. While Italian girls used to feel uncomfortable with everything concerning sex outside marriage, these girls showed the Italian boys a more emancipated way of experiencing love. The Italian Latin Lover was perfectly incarnated by handsome Lifeguard, who suddenly became legend, inspiring young boys to follow the same path for the only sake of living a wild, passionate, carefree life with the ambition of collecting dozens of girls during the summer.

“Lifeguards in Love” is a road trip searching for these legendary Lifeguards. Visiting the most popular seaside towns and collected over 10 stories of lifeguards who spent all their life chasing women. Asking about their lives, lovers, sex and how things have changed in the last thirty years. Interviewing girls who love these men and girls who hate them.
Genre: Documentary
Year: 2017
Director: Fabio Paleari
Cast: Luca Legnani

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