At night, in the middle of a field of wind turbines, two computer unemployed overturn a man appeared out of nowhere. Beside him, a bag full of tickets, two million, there, at hand, and any witnesses. What to do? Call the police or take the opportunity? The next day, in a warehouse a few meters from the scene, police found the body of Melody, a blind girl. And if the money was intended to pay her ransom? The assassin he saw speeders? The same evening, another child is kidnapped. Diabetic this time. His hours are numbered. At Dunkirk police station, the countdown starts. Alongside Lieutenant Moreno, a very considerate colleague, Lucie, a young sergeant of 26 years, participated in his first investigation. And curiously, within the crime group, you quickly get the feeling that Lucy is not there by chance…
Genre: Thriller, Horror
Year: 2008
Director: Alfred Lot
Cast: Mélanie Laurent, Eric Caravaca, Gilles Lellouche

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