COTTO & FRULLATO Z – The Crystal Gear
The stories of Chef Maurizio Merluzzo, YouTube’s chef star, famous for his insane passion for blended food, capable, in his opinion, of donating an unbelievable energy. Kidnapped by his worst enemy, the psycho hater and serial killer called Nino Sixsixsix , Chef Maurizio has to find a way out and seek revenge against his enemy. Some weird characters come in his help, among them the blender inventor’s nephew Poplawski and his lawyer.

Cook & Blend is a web series born in 2013 from an idea by Paolo Cellammare and starring Maurizio Merluzzo . Launched on YouTube , it attracted its early audience because of its surreal comedy cooking show flavor. Chef Maurizio, in each episode, shows how to make a delicious recipe and ends the video pairing it with a drink and mixing it all in his blender, creating a smoothie that he claims has fancy unbelievable nutritional properties. This ritual’s purpose is to create the energy he calls Blendness . Throughout the episodes this energy let him face the most absurd challenges and fight the nastiest enemies.
Genre: Comedy
Year: 2017
Director: Paolo Cellammare
Cast: Maurizio Merluzzo, Matteo Arienti, Tommaso Caporali, Patrizio Ranzani, Gianandrea Muià

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