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“One day, you’ll be the best in the world,” his grandmother told the young Lionel Messi. And guess what? A celebration of the rise and rise of the world’s finest soccer player (probably), for some the finest of all time, Alex de la Iglesia’s Messi gathers friends and colleagues together over restaurant tables to reminisce and reflect on the record-smashing Barcelona and Argentina star, interspersing the accolades with personal and professional footage and with re created scenes from his upbringing. Anyone hoping for a real peek behind the PR of the man they dubbed “the Flea” will be disappointed. But given the major limitation that access was not granted to either the player or his family, as simple celebration Messi definitely scores.Early sequences have friends (and even former teachers) recounting anecdotes from Messi’s childhood, with the aid of photos and home video. Soccer fans will be impatiently tapping their feet through much of this, though the footage of him weaving his way through defenses en route to the next goal is compelling. When the soccer pros — players, managers past and present, and journos – weigh in to talk about Messi’s new start in Spain, things become more interesting, with something for both the soccer non-expert and the aficionado. Key events, mostly already familiar to fans, are gone over from a range of perspectives, and the talk never becomes too techie.